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Information for Reseachers Seeking Endorsement

Suicide Prevention Ottawa’s (SPO), Research and Knowledge Exchange (RAKE) group can support you to share your research widely so that people who are working in suicide prevention, and those who live with suicide, can have access to the important lessons learned through your work.  

We convene cross-sectoral organizations that bring different representatives to the table, from senior leaders, to people involved in service delivery, to people with living and lived experiences. SPO’s role can be to bring these various key players together as knowledge users for your research project.

As a collective, we are interested in hearing about your research study, and we can endorse it as well. In return we ask you to meet with our community of leaders in suicide prevention to share the results of your study when they are available. 

In order to get SPO’s endorsement, a researcher must submit a letter to RAKE and SPO that provides:

An explanation of the goals and objectives of the research; 

A lay, non-scientific summary explaining how people with lived/living experiences have or will be involved.

An acknowledgement that they will participate in a knowledge mobilization event where they will deliver a presentation about their research to service providers, clinicians, other researchers and people with lived/living experiences.

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