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Becoming an Advisor

People who wish to become members of Peer WELL (People with experiences living and lived) will get to share ideas and help make decisions concerning research projects that could reduce suicide.  This is an opportunity to  make research more relevant.

You’ll be guided on how to participate in the research process. You will be informed about what’s expected of you, and given information about what you can contribute.

When a Peer WELL is involved in a research project the amount of time they contribute can vary and this is something that needs to be negotiated and discussed between the peers and researchers.


Research Process Defined

What can I expect?

Participation in research can happen at multiple ways, each project will be different and your contribution is important at all phases of the process.

Typical stages could include any or all of the following:

    • Project co-design,
    • Application for funding,
    • Conducting the research project,
    • Data analysis and interpretation, and
    • Dissemination of findings.

Research projects can vary in length of time and can last from a few meetings to years.


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